Who can apply to become investor with us?

You are welcome to invest as long as you are at least 18 years of age and face no legal restrictions (e.g. by the laws of your country) which prohibit you from investing. Institutional investors and corporations are welcome to invest.:

How does P2P financing work on Alixco?

Investing in a business through a fintech platform like Alixco is a straightforward process. After finding a campaign that interests you, simply click the "Invest" button on the campaign page. Alixco will then provide you with the necessary information and transfer details.

Alixco only accepts bank transfers from verified users' own bank accounts. Cash deposits are not allowed!

Repayments, including interest, will be automatically transferred back to your Alixco account, making it a simple and convenient way to invest in businesses and earn returns.

When do I have to transfer the money?

After receiving your investment commitment online, we will send you an email with further payment instructions.

What is the minimum amount that I can invest via Alixco platform?

The minimum amount is RM200 per campaign. This amount can vary depending on the campaign and is subject to investment terms.

What are the information that will be provided to the investors about an issuer?

We will give you maximum transparency so you know exactly whom you invest in! We will provide a detailed factsheet about the SME as well as our assessment of the creditworthiness of the SME. In addition, we will disclose relevant information pertaining to the issuers such as their purpose of the fundraise and certain financial information.

Where are the funds held ?

All investment funds are securely held in a segregated Investor Trust Account by a leading bank in Malaysia. We never touch your money, promise.

Are there any investor fees ?

We only charge when you get your return. There is a small 0.35% -2% fee for investors on repayments and only when the repayments occurs. That means investors keep between 98% - 99.65%  of all repayments. The exact fee percentage depends on the characteristics and structure of each individual campaign, especially campaign tenure. 

What if the Issuer is late in the repayment?

At Alixco, we have strict operating procedures in place for this. We will inform you about the late repayment and send warning letters to the issuer. The issuer will also be required to pay late-payment charges to you. In case the warning letters show no effect, we take immediate legal actions against the company directors and guarantor.

What happens if an issuer defaults?

It's important to note that investing in any business carries risks, including the risk of default. 
In the event of a default, Alixco will bear all legal fees, which means that you will not have to worry about incurring any additional expenses. This can provide peace of mind for the investor, knowing that the platform is taking steps to protect them in the event of a default.

At Alixco, we will do our best to push the issuer for payment

No Coverage from the Capital Market Compensation Fund

Investments made through the Alixco platform are not covered by the Capital Market Compensation Fund. This means any losses incurred cannot be claimed from the Fund.

Shall I invest my money in one campaign with the highest interest rate?

We strongly encourage you to spread your investments over dozens of campaigns and also into different financial assets. This diversification will lower the risk of you losing your wealth in case an issuer defaults. Please also keep in mind that the higher the interest rate, the higher the risk.

Why are the interest rates different between campaigns?

This is due to the difference in the risk level of the different issuers. In short: The higher the interest rate, the higher the risk. This is called risk-based pricing. Our internal proprietary risk scoring model gives a score for each issuer based on financials, quantitative as well as qualitative data. The risk score should be commensurate with the amount of risk investors are taking. This is designed to compensate investors appropriately for the risk they are taking.

In how many campaigns can I invest?

In as many as you like! For individual private investors, please keep the recommended max amount of RM 50 000 in mind.

Will Alixco or any of its associates compensate for any losses e.g. in case of a default? Are investments and repayments guaranteed?

No. Alixco only acts as a middleman and intends to keep costs for investors to a minimum. Hence we are unable to compensate for any losses. All investments and repayments are NOT guaranteed. This allows us to keep cost lower for issuers and offer higher potential interest rates for you as an investor.

No Coverage from the Capital Market Compensation Fund

Investments made through the Alixco platform are not covered by the Capital Market Compensation Fund. This means any losses incurred cannot be claimed from the Fund.

How does Alixco screen potential issuers and identifies scams?

Alixco performs a basic financial and operational screening on issuers. This is to identify and eliminate most of the potential scams and the highest risk issuers. We will run our internal algorithms on the financials. Furthermore, we will request the following from the issuer:
(a) conduct background checks on the issuer to ensure fit and properness of the issuer, its board of directors, senior management and controlling owner
(b) verify the business proposition of the issuer
(c) carry out assessment on the issuer’s creditworthiness.

Do I need to pay taxes on my investment returns?

YES. You will be required to declare your returns of investments for tax computation. You may have to check with your tax consultants on how to do so.

What happens to my money in case something happens to Alixco e.g. bankruptcy?

Your money is securely placed in a Trust account with a major Malaysian bank. Alixco has a living will in place for this scenario so that you will get back your money.

Is Alixco a financial advisor?

No, Alixco is not a financial advisor. P2P investments may or may not be suitable for your particular situation. Please consult with your personal financial advisor about the suitability of P2P investments with regard to your own personal (financial) situation, investment goals and level of risk tolerance before making any investment.