This Risk Warning statement (the "Risk Statement"), must be read together with our Terms of Service [MF1] and any other documents referred to therein, which serves also as a notice to inform you as well as to set out the risk involved, when you access or use our Services or interact with us.

In order to help you to understand the risks involved when investing in Peer-to-Peer Financing through our Services, please read the following risk summary.

By continuing to access or use our Services, or interact with us, you have agreed and understood to the content of this Risk Warning. As such you will not hold ALIXCO accountable or liable for any loss or damages incurred by you as a result of using our Services.


1.1. The majority of start-up, small to medium enterprise, and/or social enterprise businesses fail or do not scale as planned and therefore investing in these businesses may involve significant risk-taking on the part of the investor. It is possible that you may lose all, or part, of your investment made on our Services. In the circumstances, you should only invest based on your risk appetite i.e. an amount that you are willing to lose. You should consider building a diversified portfolio as a strategy to spread your investment risk and increase the chance of an overall return on your investment capital. If a business you invest in fails, neither the Issuer nor ALIXCO will reimburse you for any loss or damages incurred by you from your investment.

1.2. You understand that the Issuer is not under the control of ALIXCO and therefore you understand that there is a risk that the Issuer may not repay you in accordance with the terms agreed between parties.

1.3. Any information provided on our Services or website does not amount to a suggestion, recommendation or validation on any Campaign. You are required to conduct your own research to identify suitable Campaign to meet your investment goal and appetite. You should only commit your funds to which you are able and willing to bear the risk of loss. If you are unsure about making and Investment you should seek independent financial advice before making an Investment in our Services.

1.4. Any due diligence exercise that we may perform on an Issuer pertaining to the Campaign is not an endorsement by ALIXCO of the Issuer and should not be relied upon when considering to make any investment decision.

1.5. P2P is not a protected investment scheme. Therefore, your investment or capital may be at risk if an Issuer fails to repay a Campaign that you have participated.

1.6. ALIXCO is not a financial advisor nor do we provide any advice, recommendation to our Investor on any Campaign. We merely prove a matching business to you with the Issuer.